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This is a advanced,reliable, durable and energy-saving well drilling machine, which has high operating efficiency, low energy consumption, good economic benefit, simple machine structure, stable operation, large lifting power, and can meet all kinds of operation requirement.

Preparation work before drilling
1. Check whether all air and oil hoses are damaged and make sure all hose connections are safe and reliable.
2. Check whether the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is sufficient and whether the oil injector has oil.
3. check whether the lubrication of the lubrication parts is appropriate.
4. check the slide frame and remove debris.
5. check the fixation of the rotary device on the mounting plate, whether the connection between the mounting seat plate and the slide frame is intact.
6. check the air compressor air pressure value, the minimum pressure should not be less than 0.10Mpa;
7. Blow out the debris in the main air duct and connect it reliably to the fitting of the air inlet pipe of the drilling rig.
8. check that the hoses are completely tied to the safety valve before opening the air inlet ball valve.
9. check that all hoses are in good condition and that the coupling is tight and reliable.
10. Adjust the oil injector.


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TDS-400 multifunctional crawler well drill is a new,highly-effective ,energy-saving and multifunctional hydraulic drill and it is specialized in drilling well ,monitoring well, geothermal air-conditioning hole,grouting hole of the hydropower cofferdam ,grouting hole for dyke seepage control and grouting hole for base enforcement ,surface mining ,anchorage .national defense project and other drilling operations;The drill rig is equipped with hydraulic motor rotation with a high power,propulsion and lifting of cylinder and down-hole impacter with high blast pressure,to realize high effectiveness of drilling footage and low energy consumption.


Model TDS400
Drilling dth 400mm
Dia.hole φ140-350mm
Advance Length one time 6.6m
Air consumption 1.7-3.5MPa
Length of rod 1.5m,2m,3m,6m
Dia. Of rod  φ89, φ102,φ108
Lifting power 25T
Rotation torque 6500-9000N.m
Rotation Speed 45-115r/min
Engine Power 92Kw
Travelling speed 0-2.5 Km/h
Climb capacity 30°
Weight 10T
Dimension 5900x2100x2850mm









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