Coupling Sleeve

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Coupling Sleeve with R32, R38, T38, T45, T51 threads. We select high quality steel and use advanced heat treatment technology.

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Because of different applications, we need different lengths of drill stems, so couplings sleeves are used for connecting extension rods. There are semi-bridge couplings and full bridge couplings, the only difference between them is that semi-bridge couplings have a middle stop at the middle of couplings. Usually couplings two ends are the same couplings, like R25, R32,R38,T45, T51, etc .While sometime people need crossover couplings to work, for example, one end is R32 and another end is R38, but basically all couplings are female threads at the two ends.


Connection  Length diameter Connection
D1 D2
  mm mm  
R22 100 32 R22
R32 160 48 R32
R32 170 55 R32
R25 160 37 R25
R38 170 55 R38
T38 190 55 T38
T45 210 64 T45
T51 225 75 T51
T38 185 55 T38

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