Reverse Circulation (RC) Drill Rod

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89mm Remet 3 1/2” reverse circulation drilling RC drill rod / drill pipe.

The reverse circulation drill rod has four threads which adds to machine operating time. The purpose of the two extra threads is to allow the inner tube to be replaced in the field. It also allows the driller to replace the box tool joint with a new tool joint, without welding and can be done at the site.

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Our reverse circulation drill rods and drill pipe consist of  hardened alloy steel tool joints with heavy duty seamless drill pipe and high tensile wear resistant Inner Tubes. Drawing on our years of experience in the design and manufacture of tough and wear resistant RC drill rods, every aspect of material and production management is optimized. The result is premium quality reverse circulation drill pipes that keep your RC drill rig efficiently producing day after day. RC drilling companies across the globe know they can rely on Sinodrills reverse circulation drill pipe.

You can be sure that RC Drill Pipe will still be going strong when others have worn out.



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